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4. Jubilee.

Universe of The Qabalah.
ADNI-The Goddess of Earthly Kingdom is the final Adjusment in the Formula of Tetragrammaton, when Daughter remeed by Her marriage with the Son. She is so set up on the Throne of the Mother, by this way she finally "Awakens the Eld of The All Father."

Holy, Holy, Holy, are you, and blessed by your name we are, for ever by The Victorious Queen.

3. Passion.

Dolphin Lovers. The Lord of Illusion.
The Lord of Life and Death.
The Power of Creation and Death.
This Lord is the fluidic basis of all, transmission of activity, electric charge, continous Creation.
418. The great number of Redemtion, a Fish, Christ and Sacred Mercury. "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

2. Manifesto 1904.

Witchcraft of Egybtian.
"Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the East, at the Equinox of the Gods".
"Now riseth Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and the Domination is established in the star of the Flame".


Begining of the All, the Fool and The Adjustment.
The Creative Masculine Energy at it´s most masculine.
Abrahadabra 418. is the Word of Double Power of the Wand, it´s the Word of the Aeon.
Number 111. is the most Holy Trinity, Thick Darkness and Sudden Death. The True Knight that won Kingship in Miracle of Sangraal, opening of the way that leadeth into the Crown and Essense of all the Soul of Lord of the Aeon.

The Qabalah World of Tubal-Cain.

Qabalah = Tradition. Cabala is spellet any number of ways: Qabalah-the "correct" transliteration of the Hebrew. Kabbalah, Kabala, Quabbalah...

The Daughter.

Lilith, Babalon, Kore, Malkah, Persephone, Adonai, Pregnant and waiting.

The Son.

Holy Guardian Angel, The Son, The Truth, The Prince, Horus the Prince.


Mercury, The Lord of Life and Death. The Lord of Illusion. Hawk, Dolphin, Ixtus.

Hoor Pa Kraat.

He is the Brother of Horus. Silence and Intellect.

Horus The God.

The Spirit of Horus.

The Spirit of the God Horus, The Conquering Child.

Osiris, Hadit.

The All Father, The Ruler, The Son, The Priest.

Isis, Nuit.

The Virgin, The Mother, The Wife.

The Devil.

The Devil.


The first. I.A.O. The Fool. "I am, I shall be, Existence". Ox. The Silence.

Lady is called; Lamed, Ox goat. The Adjustment. A.O.

The Callery of Tubal-Cain Spirits.

Very soon after my invitation 1998 I becone to work very hard in my studio. I did work like in some kind of ecstasy and rapture. During two two years I created huge paintins 150x150 cm. All Power, Spirits and Gods appeared to the paintings. I introduce to you the staff of the whole world of Tubal-Cain.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Who is "Babhomet"?

Babhomet is Ass hedded hermaphorditic "Goat of Mendes" The Jewish Eliphas Levi created him at the time of Middle Ages. Babhomet is also called as Master of the Temple. They also say that Babhomet is the "Jewish Devil" and Tubal-Cain the "Christian Devil". We never know for sure of that, it just be a consequence of the pentagram, which is the position of the star; "upside or upsidedown".By the cabalistic way the number of the star with the Hebrew letters is 326, both ways; upside or upsidedown. After all it is mostly imposible to see any difference between all of them, thats why people never really know to whom they are dealing with.

Van Jesus and Van Jesus??

Here you can see another Jesus called Babhomet. The Pentagram is "upsidedown"

(Babhome illustrated by David P. Wilson)

Van Jesus and Van Jesus?

Here is the first Jesus, the Christians Jesus and the Pentagram "upside".

VAN Jesus?

This is very difficuld proplem to know for sure who is really Van Jesus? At least we know he is "The Great Leader" in the forefront of a movement or like, course of progress, or the like. I have two solutions for that proplem, you can choose your own fevorite among them. There are two of them; Van Jesus and Van Jesus, onely difference makes the Star-Pentagram, wheter it´s on position of "upside" or "upsidedown". I will show to you what I mean, above you can see Jesus in Hebrew. Value of Hebrew letters are 326.

(Cuotation of David Godwin, Cabalistic Encylopedia)


They called Jesus as "VAN Jesus". What is VAN? VAN is the foremost or front division of an Army a Fleet, or any group leading and advance or in position to lead on advance.
Also those who are in the forefront of a movement or the like.
The forefront in any movement, course of progress, or the like.

Asmodai and Tubal-Cain.
Naamah and Tubal-Cain.

Naamah and Asmodai.

Naamah is the sister of Tubal-Cain and Asmoday or Asmodai is the son of Tubal-Cain and Naamah. In those days, as olso later in Egybt brothers and sisters in high society got married together.

Vulgan of The Pagans?

I found that Tubal-Cain is son of Lamech and Zillah, an insructor of every artificer in brass and iron at the year 2348 B.C.

At the period of antiquity they asked also "Who is the Tubal-Cain?" The answer was;"He is the Vulgan of the pagans."
Who is Vulgan? Vulgan is the "Sun Deity", who was associated with fire, tunderbolts and light, just the same work that Tubal-Cain did over 2000 years before. At antique time in Roma they used to have "The Festival of Honor", "The Baccanal called Vulgania" Now we know that Tubal-Cain is reborn to be the "Vulgan of the Pagans", "Sun Deity".
( Guotationons from the book: David Godwin, Cabalistic Encylopedia.)

Van Jesus.

"Van Jesus on tullut katsomaan Tubal-Cainin syntymää". 20.9.1998.
"Van Jesus did come to see the birth of Tubal-Cain". 20.9.1998.

Ever since these gentlemen appeared to me in some kind of revelation and annaunced that they did come to see the born of Tubal-Cain I was amazed. What is this, I did not eaven know who was that man called Tubal-Cain? I did become to ask people about him. I got different kind of answers, but not the right one, bacause all the answers couldn´t be right.
I become order books from England and USA about this kind of subject. Yes, I will tell to you leter what I found. I will reveal to you the magick and intresting world of Tubal-Cain. Lately you will understand why these seven men came to meet me. During the revelation with men I found that the man with lights on his head was so called Van Jesus. The man who did speak was the gray man and he was sweating. The "Light Man" was faschinating and amazing person to see.